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In my small town of Monroe N.Y in a small wooded wetland a group of BEAVERS unbeknownst to them have become a menace. Only to Town board and trapper no one else has a problem with them.They have lived untouched by humans as long as I lived in Monroe,over 37 years..Out of blue a local trapper found trees to be an issue meaning the beavers eating them leaving little stumps.Have decided to use lethal traps that drown them as they exit there homes(den.) In order to remove the beaver for no other reason than a few trees eaten. My entire case lies on the fact its so harsh! Can we not try to live along side of wildlife? Must we eradicate 1 entire family a den! (4) in such cruel methods? Cant we work with them and start a new trend to soften our approach on wildlife? They are not clogging up waterways and not causing erosion as claimed. I have 3 Non lethal Solutions but they have fallen on deaf ears!! An acrylic paint mixed with commercial grade sand painted on base of trees is one deterent. Another are metal meshing surrounding trees at base,and in Canada they use lights on all night long as some beavers want to take familys a move on as they are nocturnal.Lastly planting beaver friendly trees and bushes:Sitka Spruce,Aspen,Willow,Elderberry,Osoberry and much more! My point is tread lightly they are genius engineers and vital part of eco-sytem,please sign my petition in hopes to get a reprieve before the complete den are killed! I am contacted my Representives,Congressman,Senators and any Animal Organization that will help me to help them live,and come up with better solutions to manage BEAVERS!

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