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Stop Slaughtering Animals

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The TRUTH about Longstreet Farm (LSF) Animals…

Every year, animals born at LSF are sold for slaughter. These animals are purposely bred so that the public can see babies. Yet, these same animals, who interact with the public, are sold and butchered. We have documentation from 2004 to now that backs up these statements.

Periodic chicken slaughtering and pig slaughtering workshops are held using these humanized animals. These are covert programs and not publicized nor included in the park brochure.  So why are they happening on a county-owned farm?       

To purposely breed and raise human-friendly animals for the public, and then callously sell, trade  or demonstrate how they are slaughtered, is unacceptable.

LSF is NOT a private farm. It is a county-run farm. LSF belongs to the residents and taxpayers of Monmouth County.

This is NOT the 1800's. Nowadays, we teach children Compassion towards animals as a means to promoting Compassion towards people, as well.

Some people say “Just give them to a sanctuary.” This is NOT a solution. There are not enough homes or sanctuaries for farmed animals, and LSF will just continue to breed & buy more. The managers at LSF tell the public that they are “re-homing them”. What they don’t say is that these same animals that their kids are playing with will be killed at their new “home.”

FYI: Thru the years offers to adopt animals to responsible people are consistently declined. Although a home was offered to an affable male calf, he was sold and slaughtered & the $ used for the farms holiday party. When sanctuaries have offered to take an old animal, LSF management “conveniently”’ ignored them. This is because LSF PREFERS TO SELL  ANIMALS FOR SLAUGHTER.

Now the two mules, Gert and Ruth, are getting on, plus unless neutered, there will be new litters of piglets and lambs that will be "removed", chicks & pigs  raised for secret "dressing" aka slaughter workshops & so it continues... 

The Solution:

-LSF should continue as a historic farm EXCEPT for the animals.

-LSF should no longer breed, buy, sell or trade any animal.

-LSF should stop their covert chicken & pig "dressing"/slaughter workshops

-Associated Humane Societies has offered to neuter male animals for free. Cows are not to be impregnated. The birds need a balanced flock of a few roosters to hens & be allowed outside the coop periodically to roam,  forage & perch.  Stop ordering chicks by mail  & then raising them for covert slaughter/"dressing" workshops.   

-All animals there should be allowed to live out their lives at the farm and receive routine veterinary care.


To purposely breed and raise human-friendly, imprinted animals for public enjoyment and then callously sell, slaughter or trade them to be slaughtered, is unacceptable. This is 2013, NOT the 1800’s.

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