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I am respectfully and adamantly requesting that you please sentence Gretchen Rell to 5 years in prison for her animal cruelty. That is the maximum sentence. Her next court date is reportedly June 23rd, and I will update all the petition signers once I have additional details.

In March 2014 more than 350 animals were found dead in her home. These were animals given to her by a trusting public to care for or to transport to someone qualified who would. Instead Rell stuffed them in her basement, still in their original carriers and boxes, without food or water, making them to die a slow and miserable death from starvation and thirst.

Gretchen received numerous offers of help for the animals in her possession yet she vehemently rejected these offers. I want you to ensure that Gretchen Rell serves the maximum time jail for her heinous deeds. Other people convicted of animal cruelty in Monmouth County are serving 5 year terms for killing a much fewer number of animals. Rell killed hundreds of animals. All people who commit acts of animal cruelty are “sick” and are menaces to Society.

Should you determine that Rell “needs help”, then by all means, ensure it really happens by incarcerating her and getting her mental health support. Rell has already proven herself unreliable by allegedly defying her Court order to not have any animals in her possession. Yet she allegedly still has animals in her possession.

Please sentence Gretchen Rell to 5 years in prison otherwise she will continue to kill animals and possibly "graduate to" killing an elderly person or child. Thank you in advance for your attention to this urgent matter.

------------------------------------------- indictment article if you'd like more information

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