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Please help return this little boy to his Mother

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It has been many  months since I have seen my Son, I am still in shock ;
I urge you all to go look at my son when he lived with me. He was a very healthy little boy.The Social Services in Finland took him from me  and put him in a house of total strangers not just once, but three times they moved him to new locations. This was all done within months too. He was in three different facilities in such a short time. While he was in their custody he was vaccinated behind my back and without my permission.  He then had his healthy diet changed and he looks totally different now.  I am dying inside! My soul is screaming!!  Please check this link to see what he looked like while under my care please?!220&authkey=!ADELJlJ4aD_G5bQ&ithint=folder%2cAVI

I have some serious issues here in Finland & truly need all prayers that are possible!
See, my son has been taken by authorities of CPS or DDS (not sure what they call them) social workers due to my Véganism and other activism activities. My son has been taken not only to being only vegan but RAW vegan. 
I seriously need help, I do not have any family members nor relative(s) here to stand up for me, please try to at least read or share my story some how if you can...please send  prayers and positive vibe-thoughts towards my son.
I want to point out that I provided only 0rganic for my son nothing but 100% 0rganic, only the best and since he is my only child, I was protecting him. My son was fully unvaccinated.
 Now they have vaccinated him with all the vaccines without my knowledge, not informing me of anything. His végan diet is fully meat and gluten (he was gluten free when he was with me)  He drank only fresh spring water

So for 3 and half years he was living the healthiest way he could, eating only the healthiest organic foods that he liked very much.

I do not have any criminal background ,  I have been put in the corner now & embarrassed as if I have done something bad. They have changed his place 4 times within less than a year. he has abuse marks, hair loss and he speaks about killing pigs out of no where, he speaks about prison non stop when I call him once a week to ask how he is via phone. he talks about killing and dying for some reason (?) which i never taught /talked him about. I taught him to meditate and live fully and manifest all the things, beautiful things he loved in nature. So this is briefly what I can write here Im exhausted from the whole horrifying ordeal

However, I do appreciate your precious time reading this, loads!
Many many thanks given for all the effort in advance, putting your attention on this and wishing the best with fullest unconditional Love and brightest Light 2016 love to you.

May you be blessed with all the joy and health in your life and wishes to come true!
Humble thanks.

Best regards,

~ Michélle

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