Moms for Liberty is a hate group and is not welcome at our public event

Moms for Liberty is a hate group and is not welcome at our public event

September 10, 2022
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Dear Representative,

We are disappointed to learn that Moms for Liberty will be in attendance at the upcoming September 17th, 2022 East Fishkill Community Day.

Moms for Liberty has campaigned against school curriculums that mention LGBT rights, race, accurate historical facts. They are widely known for harassing teachers, librarians, educators and other school personnel.

We have continually appealed to our local Moms for Liberty group to discontinue promoting their organization as a "moms group" focused on "parents rights". Their chair has responded to the aggressively bigoted practices of Moms for Liberty nationwide with the comment "that's a different chapter; that's not us".

We do not find this acceptable in any way. Imagine you are a member of a national organization whose members are permitted to make racist, homophobic & transphobic comments, to threaten teachers & are so vile that some social media platforms have banned them. Would you stay? Does “but that’s not OUR chapter” hold water?

Here are some ACTUAL quotes by Moms for Liberty, Dutchess County. Please read these carefully and understand how much of the population that this affects.

"The LGBT agenda will leave so many broken bodies and souls in its wake"

"What is it about gay sex that is pride worthy? How does being gay, black or a woman enhance your resume? What a stupid world we live in."

"Gay adoption was merely one of the weapons used to justify and legalize "gay marriage"

Again, these remarks were made by individuals WITHIN the Dutchess County Moms for Liberty Chapter.

We are notifying you that their presence at an event where families and children will be in attendance is unacceptable.

It is time to say no to hate and to take a stand against this organization. A quick google search should provide more than enough information to give you reason to rescind their invitation. 

VIDEO: Who are Moms for Liberty?  
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This petition made change with 332 supporters!

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