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MoMA PS1 & M. Wells Dinette: Ban Horse Meat on the MoMA PS1 Menu


Horse meat is extremely unsafe for human consumption and yet, the once defunct M. Wells Dinette which recently opened within the MoMA PS1 in Long Island City, Queens, plans on illegally adding it to their menu.

The chef and owner, Hugue Dufour, is planning on serving horse tartare. If that isn't bad enough, he plans to feature this unsafe offering in a display case, on a meat grinder.

MoMA PS1 is an affiliate of the iconic Museum of Modern Art located in mid-town Manhattan.

Last year, Congress lifted the ban on horse slaughter in the U.S. despite there being no real market for human consumption. Aside from most Americans considering horses to be companions rather than main courses, this toxic meat has been deemed unfit for human consumption by the FDA. However, in some European and Asian countries, it is seen as a delicacy.

Most American's feelings are that it's just plain wrong to eat a horse, but it's also neither safe or healthy. Horses are administered a myriad of medications and steroids - particularly, sport horses such as the American Quarter Horse - one of the most commonly slaughtered breeds. Please read the following article by contributor, Vickery Eckhoff, for a more in-depth explanation regarding just how unsafe horse meat is to consume:

One of the most common drugs administered to horses is Phenylbutazone. More readily known as "bute," and most often used for the treatment of lameness and to relieve pain, this substance can cause bone marrow, renal, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal side effects in humans - but mainly, cancer. Other prevalent drugs found in horse meat have also been banned by the FDA in food animals.

Although documents containing a statement saying horses slaughtered for human consumption have never been administered certain drugs are required, these documents are often falsified.

As a resident of the neighborhood where MoMA PS1 & M. Wells Dinette is located, as well as an avid equestrian, I want to thank you for taking time to support this cause. I invite you to share this petition and Vickery's other informative articles on with family, friends, and like-minded people.

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