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MoMA PS1: Do not to allow M Wells serve horse meat

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According to an article written by Erin Calabrese and Andy Soltis for the New York Post, the M. Wells Dinette opening at the MoMA PS in Long Island City, will have a crude display of horse meat with a hand grinder. It was informed that Chef Hugue Dufur suggested bringing horse meat bought of Canadian slaughterhouses.

The manager of the restaurant is cited saying that New Yorkers are ready for a new taste and that New York is a great city for that kind of experience. He claims that New York diners are open to eating other things.

It is irresponsible for the restaurant not to share with the consumers the risks of eating meat that is processed in Canada and that the horses that they are eating are actually horses that are sent to the slaughter house because they are sick, malnourished and exposed to great amount of drugs. According to an article written by Humane Society International Canada (HSI) in the month of August of 2012, it has been confirmed the existance of prohibited substances in Canadian horse meat. At the moment they are renewing efforts for a federal prohibition on the slaughter, sale, transport and export of horses for human consumption. HSI confirms that the USFDA has released a warning letter that revealed the presence of the same two banned substances in an American horse sold to a Canadian slaughterhouse.

The following is information given out by HSI Canada:

“The American establishment cited in this warning letter provided false information in the Equine Information Document, which Canadian authorities rely upon to determine whether American horses exported to Canada have been administered substances not permitted for use in horses in the last 180 days prior to purchase of the animal. Specifically, this establishment “filled out and signed the producer’s name” and failed to ask the horse’s producer about its medical treatment history. Like Canadian horses, American horses are not raised for human consumption and are frequently administered substances banned for use in food animals.”

Chef Hugue Dufur has already failed as a chef when his so talked about restaurant in Queens closed down after being open just for 14 months. GQ magazine even criticized his past restaurant and said there was lack of service and attention to the public. Rent disputes, lack of management led him to close his dinner. Now, he has the idea of feeding the American people horse meat that is usually sold in the USA for zoo wild animals. A museum should not profit out of the pain and torture horses endure. This project is an insult to the New York people of being ignorant to eat horse meat and it should be consider as disrespectful to the state. Governor Christie from New Jersey just signed a bill banning horse slaughter for human consumption and it has been declared that people from New Jersey do not eat horse meat. How can it be possible for the MoMA PS1 to say people are willing to taste new things while the state right next to it is prohibiting horse meat consumption?


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