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Prevent the restaurant from adding adulterated horse meat to their menu.

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Horse slaughter for human consumption ended in the United States when congress defunded the inspection of horse meat by the USDA in 2006.  Although the three remaining slaughter plants shut down, US horses are still at jeopardy of being slaughtered -  as horses had always been transported to Belgian owned slaughter plants in Canada and Mexico.  The numbers transported increased exponentially.  Last year congress removed the defunding language in a back door committee session, this year Congressman Jim Moran reintroduced the Amendment to defund the inspection of horse meat and it passed from committee.  However that bill has not been passed, currently there is no money allocated for the inspections of horse meat in the US. 


To the Board of Director's of MoMA,


We, the signed petitioners and 80% of the US population, do not approve and or condone the slaughter of US horses for human consumption.  We do not raise our horses for food in this country nor are they raised under the food safety guidelines for food animals.  The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) determines which animals are for food and which are not. They have classified horses as companion animals along with cats and dogs. 


Since horses are not raised under food safety guidelines, horse owners give their horses substances which are banned from use in ANY food animal intended for human consumption.  Banned by the FDA, Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and the European Union Food Safety Authority (EUFSA).  67% of the horses slaughtered for human consumption in Canada are US horses and Canada only inspects .015% of the horses slaughtered for banned substances.  The number of horse meat recalls reported by the EU are on the rise.  As a direct result of better testing once the meat arrives in the EU.  This clearly proves the efficacy of the CFIA's testing is very poor. 


The substances which are given to our horses are banned from use in humans because they are known carcinogens.  Where a person may become ill within hours from consuming a meat contaminated with E.coli or other bacteria, the effects of the substances used and present in horse meat manifests  later in life as Aplastic Anemia, birth defects etc.  Pregnant women, children and the elderly are particularly susceptible to the effects of the carcinogens present in adulterated horse meat.  Additionally, horse meat from North America is particularly known for causing toxoplasmosis  in people who consumed raw horse meat (tartare) as well as Trichinosis


MoMA PS1 will be complicit in the serving of adulterated horse meat to the public as they have promoted the opening of the restaurant on their Facebook page as well as on their website.  These actions have changed the lessee and lessor relationship to one of a partnership.  Is this the reputation MoMA wishes to project?  Does the chef of the restaurant, a restaurant who's focus is on good, healthy, non COFA raised meats, really want to serve something that is potentially harmful to his patrons?  Is this "artist" of cooking so desperate to be noticed as to be completely without an ethical conscience?


We the undersigned are requesting that MoMA and M. Wells Dinnette, issue a press release which unequivocally states, they will not serve horse meat at any time in the future and or present on their premises. 



Jo-Claire Corcoran

Director Equine Welfare Alliance

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