Justice for my 87 year-old father before it is too late!

Justice for my 87 year-old father before it is too late!

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Shantha Kumar started this petition to josephine_teo@mom.gov.sg and

I want to urgently highlight my father's situation. My father's domestic worker, Anandhan Valarmathi, ran away on 4th March 2018, leaving him alone, well knowing his health and medical condition. My father is 87 years old and was hospitalised at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital (KTPH) from 23rd March to 26th April 2018. He is alone at his flat since 6th May 2018. I am worried about my father's well-being and his health. There is no one to check on him and ensure he is alright. I am not able to fly back to Singapore to be with him as I am undergoing chemotherapy in Germany. I am already sick but now I am more worried sick something might happen to him. I am alarmed about my father being in a life-threatening situation.

My father is unable to stay alone. He can't walk without help. He can't stand up without help. He is hardly eating as there is no one to buy him food. He is a heart patient and has diabetes. He underwent heart surgery last year and had a pace-maker implanted. He needs to take his medication on time and food on his own which he is unable to. He has also been given a doctor's memo in which the doctor clearly stated that my father needs a dedicated domestic worker. MOM has been sent a copy and is aware of the content of the memo. 

After Anandhan Valarmathi was found based on the missing report my father made, she made a police report that my father molested her and did not pay her salary. In total, I made four police reports on my father’s behalf. The police reports made by father are being chucked aside and everyone is focusing on the police report made by Anandhan Valarmathi.

If Anandhan Valarmathi was telling the truth, why not go to the police or MOM directly on 4th March 2018 itself? She attended English lessons on 4th March 2018 from 2 to 4pm before she made her way to H.O.M.E. Then she made her police report on 6th March 2018. Did it suddenly occur to her two days after she ran away that she was molested and was not paid her salary?!!! My father lives near Ang Mo Kio Hub. The police station is 5 minutes away in walking distance. BUT she did not go to the police on 4th March 2018. What she did was that she went on her off-day telling my father she will be home at 6pm, attended English class and then ran away. And MOM deems her to be innocent?!!!

The list of claims and accusations made by Anandhan Valarmathi against my father has increased to date. She even claims that my father is keeping her passport and lying that he does not have it. She also claims that my father is lying that he is unwell. She has conned my father of $400 and when asked about this money, MOM officer Ms Quek told us to settle it on our own by a civil suit. Anandhan Valarmathi has extorted another $100 from my elderly father through Ms Quek claiming that my father did not pay her the salary. It hurts to the core that our pleas for help are unheard by the police and MOM.

It breaks my heart to see my father in this condition and suffering so much. He has helped Anandhan Valarmathi so much and treated her like a daughter. She is also aware of my medical condition. And yet she ran away abandoning my father to be on his own, being fully aware that he will not be able to manage on his own. And now she is accusing my father of so many things which is simply not true and totally unfair to him. My mother passed away in 1980. To this date my father is living in her memory and is the only woman he loves and will love till his last breath. To accuse my father of molesting her whom she calls "Appa" (father in Tamil) leaves me speechless. My father is no such person!!! The audacity Anandhan Valarmathi has to accuse my father of such a thing makes my blood boil!

It is ridiculous and cruel of Anandhan Valarmathi to accuse an 87-year-old man, who is frail and ill, of molesting her. It is even more downright ridiculous and grotesque that MOM seem to be believing only her words. Why is MOM penalising him based on the allegations of a cruel and heartless domestic worker who left him all alone and ran away, abandoning her responsibility to care for him? Does MOM seriously think that my father is in the condition to go around molesting Anandhan Valarmathi who is double his size and half his age?

I have already applied for a new helper on 5th March 2018 for my father. The work permit application is still pending approval to date. The new helper is ready to come to Singapore ASAP. The new helper is a reliable and responsible person with a good work record. MOM is refusing to grant approval for my father’s work permit application. They refuse to assist and have turned down our appeal. They insist that my father will not be allowed to hire a new domestic helper as long as the police case is pending.

In the meantime, Anandhan Valarmathi who ran away is allowed to seek re-employment. She has a new employer as of 8th May 2018. If there are restrictions placed on my father, shouldn't it be the case for her who ran away abandoning her responsibility and alleging that an 87-year-old man molested her and did not pay her salary? She has conned him of $500 and yet the police and MOM have not taken any action against her.

If my father is not allowed to hire a domestic worker as long as the police case is pending, the same should be the case for Anandhan Valarmathi. What makes MOM think that she is innocent and telling the truth? So, to sum up, my father is the criminal and Anandhan Valarmathi, who ran away leaving my ill and frail 87-year-old father, abandoning her responsibility, who has caused so much chaos, is innocent? 

I have been writing to Dr. Koh Poh Koon, who is my father’s MP, since 28th March 2018 to appeal to MOM on my father’s behalf. MOM has yet to hear from him. Dr Koh has met my father before and had requested him to vote for him during the last general elections. Dr Koh is not assisting although he is made aware of the situation. Mr Vikram Nair who is not even my father’s MP, has sent an appeal letter to MOM on my father’s behalf on 10th April.

I have been writing to MOM since 7th March 2018, appealing to MOM to help my 87-year-old father. All our pleas to MOM for assistance have fallen on deaf ears. I have written to MOM Minister Mr Lim when he was in office as well as the new MOM Minister Mrs Teo. Both have not responded to date. Can you imagine the mental and emotional anguish and torture my father is put through? Can you understand how deeply hurt and to what extent my father and I are mentally and emotionally affected? My father needs a domestic worker ASAP to care for him.

My father has suffered and been penalized enough by the accusations of Anandhan Valarmathi. MOM’s refusal to grant him approval for a new helper is treating him like a criminal. A psychiatrist from KTPH has attended to him and he was counselled by the MSW at KTPH as he is depressed and is in mental and emotional agony on top of his existing and current medical condition. My father and I are driven to the end of our limits. We cannot go on like anymore. And we do not know how long we both can endure this mental and emotional anguish and torture that we are going through.

Please do not penalize him or prolong his agony any further. Please kindly grant my father the approval for his work permit application as the helper is ready to come to Singapore. Thank you.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!
At 7,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!