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Reconsider & Pass bill C-484

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Hello, my name is Kim and I live in Windsor, Ontario. I'm sure everyone locally is aware of the Cassandra Kaake murder case, but for those that might not be please let me explain:

On December 11, 2014 Cassie (age 31) was found perished in her home by fire fighters who were called to put out a fire at her residents. It was discovered that Cassie didn't die from the fire but in fact had been bludgeoned to death. Her murder is an utter tragedy and has devastated many, but Cassie didn't die alone that night. She was seven months pregnant with her first child. It was a girl and she had named her Molly.

My reason for starting this petition is that our law does not recognize Molly as a victim under Canadian Criminal Code. Though two people were murdered, the person responsible can only be charged for one life.

I would like to change that law. Back in 2008 a member of parliament Ken Epp introduced bill C-484 which was called The Unborn Victims of Crime Act. Had this law been passed it would have made it a criminal offence to a pre born child during the perpetration of an offence on the child’s mother.

It would have meant that should someone cause harm to a pregnant woman and cause her death resulting in the death of her baby they'd be charged with a double murder.

This bill made it to the second stage of parliament but was put aside due to an election and was never made a mention of again......until now.

In the case of Cassandra Kaake the accused Matthew Brush, age 26 of LaSalle Ontario, and known to the family of the victim, has only been charged for one murder – Cassie’s.

Her tiny baby girl, who could have survived being born at 30 weeks gestation, will receive absolutely no justice and this sickens me. We as Canadians need to change this. I’m hoping that this petition goes national, as it affects every woman in this country. I hope that not only I, but Cassie and Molly have your support.

Please sign and share my petition. Spread the word on how we need to make this change so that one day, when another women and child becomes victims to such a despicable crime, they can both receive justice.

Let's remind everyone that Molly matters! Let’s start protecting our baby’s and their mother exactly when they need it most.

I wish to extend a heartfelt thank you to all who sign this petition and feel as strongly about this as I do. Thank you. - K. Badour

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