Make Eggs more useful in Minecraft

Make Eggs more useful in Minecraft

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Eggs are a staple of many diets across the globe, they are cooked in many different ways and have many health benefits and have been eaten dating back into prehistory, according to Wikipedia, in 2009 alone, 62.1 million metric tons of eggs were produced worldwide, so it is no egg-xaggeration to say that eggs are quite important to the human race as a whole, this is without mentioning the significance and symbology attributed to the humble egg throughout many cultures across the eg- sorry I mean globe (Although that being said the earth is actually a prolate spheroid, much like a certain delicacy...). 

It is a symbol of new life and rebirth, in no small part to its role in the life cycle of birds, reptiles, insects, and marsupials, even the wider kingdom of mammals involve eggs at the stage of conception, all of this cementing the egg's place of importance in life.

All of this rambling is not for nil, as I would now like to present to you, dear reader (and with any luck, Mojang), my ideas for improving the Minecraft Egg and by extension, the wider Minecraft.

One: More cooking options

In Minecraft so far the pickings for cooking are pretty slim. There are only two options to cook with the egg to date, the Cake and the Pumpkin Pie. While there is nothing wrong with these two options, for they are quite good ideas in themselves, but the lineup could easily be bolstered while maintaining Minecraft's simplistic, medieval, style.

-Scrambled or Fried egg: I give these two items the same dot point because there isn't much different about them foodwise and I also think that only one of them should be included in the game to not intrude on the simplicity that I mentioned previously. Just your average egg cooked alone in a furnace

-Boiled egg: With this food item, it could be boiled in another largely forgotten Minecraft entity, the cauldron or even egg in a bucket cooked in a furnace. I feel that there isn't much need for this food item to do any more than fill your hunger need although seeing higher damage egg projectiles would be an interesting idea...

-Omelette: Stew is an interesting addition to Minecraft, combining different foods in bowls and allowing you to experiment more than just eating food items one by one, but what if you could combine these preexisting food items (or possible new food items, like herbs...) in a bowl with eggs or even without the bowl to make an omelette, possibly with buffs applied depending on the ingredients used (golden omelette anyone??). I feel there is some great potential that needs to be tapped here.

Two: More Egg-related Animal Variety

Minecraft has seen some big updates in relation to animals in recent years with additions such as the fox, panda, parrot and tropical fish, just to name a few. I have just a few ideas in relation to animals here but I feel that they could add that bit of extra fun to the game.

-Ducks, Turkeys or Other Often Ground-Dwellers: Minecraft has reached for the skies a fair bit recently with the addition of the elytra. While I'm not trying to suggest that this is a bad thing, keeping our animals on the ground, for now, is the best course of action, in my opinion anyway. Along with adding extra meat options and bird-related possibilities, these birds lay eggs, meaning more edible egg-xitement for all, parrots too, could be made to lay eggs and make it easier for the transport of baby parrots back to your home to keep as pets and having these additional birds also adds extra fun splashes of colour to your Minecraft worlds.

-The Golden Hen: While this is a somewhat unrealistic addition to this list, the Golden Hen, I feel is an interesting idea. Like the regular chicken recoloured golden yellow, it could be egg-xtremely rare, once every million or so natural chicken spawns (without breeding). This chicken could drop golden nuggets upon death and lay possible golden eggs (similar to a golden apple) or even just golden nuggets or diamonds, depending on how "OP" Mojang would like to make this hen.

I do have more ideas for egg-related items that could be added but I didn't want to detract from the simplicity and beauty that is the wonderful game we call Minecraft. These ideas came to me and a friend while playing a Minecraft server together, we thought about the egg and about the fact that one of the oldest entities in the game hasn't received more than a texture retouch or an addition to a minor recipe since early beta when the throwing function was added, I think it is high time we band together and show the humble Minecraft egg the respect that it deserves with some improvements made to the egg's importance in the Minecraft ecosystem.

If you've gotten this far, than Thankyou, I would be grateful if you signed and shared this petition with the World and at the very least, I hope you enjoyed the read.

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