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My family has 10+ dogs who are all cared for and loved like the part of our family that they are. All of them are healthy get constant love and attention and always have food and water. We are on the verge of having to get rid of some of them because the Mohave county law places a limit of four dogs. I believe that a person should have no limit on how many dogs they can have as long as all of them are well taken care of. Innocent families are being attacked all around mohave county for having a higher amount of dogs while people within the limit mistreat their dogs with no consequences because animal control is too busy looking for people with extra dogs that are in perfect health.

Letter to
Governor Janice Brewer
Arizona Governor
Mohave County Board of Supervisors Steve Moss
and 4 others
Mohave County Board of Supervisors Gary Watson
Mohave County Board of Supervisors Kellie Boff
Mohave County Board of Supervisors Buster Johnson
Mohave County Board of Supervisors Joy Brotherton
Change the Mohave County dog limit law.