Mubarak Bala is a highly educated chemical engineer. He was about to continue his studies in petroleum engineering in London, England, before he was abruptly committed to a secure psychiatric ward.

He has been beaten by his family, drugged and confined to the Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital, in the Shariah state of Kano in Nigeria. This has been done because he renounced Islam and has openly declared himself to be an atheist.

His father, a politically powerful figure has declared atheism to be a mental illness and is holding Mubarak in a secure ward behind tight security.

A human Rights lawyer has tried to gain access to Mubarak, but has been denied entry.

We need to get the Human Rights Organisations to take action and free Mubarak Bala from false imprisonment and forced medication.

The situation is beyond dire, as Mubarak’s family has already threatened to move him to a secret location which Mubarak feels could indicate the possibility of an honour killing. The doctor also indicated that his condition is worsening, due to the drug treatments and not being able to eat.


The International Humanist and Ethical Union have issued the following Press Release

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Letter to
Mohammed Bello Adoke
Mubarak Bala is in danger of being killed in Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital in Kano, for being an atheist.

Let me start off by assuring you that most of this story has been confirmed by people on the ground in Nigeria. We have also received numerous update emails from Mubarak, the man in danger, including photos of his current situation.

He was beaten, drugged and now he is locked up without any sign of being released.

Mubarak was able to contact many of the people he had been engaged with on Twitter for the past few months and ask for help.

Since that post, we have tried to organize ourselves and recruit many other people willing to help the cause, theists and atheists alike. During that week, Mubarak, the man in danger, was awaiting his regular doctor’s visit. He informed us all that this doctor was a more liberal one than others, and he hoped he would be released by him.

He is an atheist, in custody, in a state under sharia law. He fears he will be killed.

We have contacted you because you could help determine whether Mubarak lives or dies.

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