Better Computers In Kipling Collegiate Institute

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My name is Zaki Ul Haq and I am a student at Kipling Collegiate Institute, who feels strongly about the issue of broken/outdated computers.

Gamers! Don't you want faster and better computers to run games?

I am a part-time student computer technician in KCI. I've fixed computer-related issues in countless classrooms and installed computers in several classes but I've noticed problems.

For example, in Mr. Paolillo’s room, one of his desktops do not work. If some students need to do research, productivity is reduced as there aren’t enough computers.

Another example is in the upstairs computer lab. Most of the computers are slow and some do not work. People can't get work done efficiently.

Most students in the computer lab also like to sit beside each other and if three friends sit together and one computer doesn’t work, it also slightly decreases student morale and productivity as they cannot sit with each other and are separated.

Students of Kipling Collegiate! If you want better computers that aren't slow, laggy, or broken, sign this petition and we can be one step closer to achieving this goal.