Modify Dress Code at SMMS

Modify Dress Code at SMMS

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Caroline Cristilli started this petition

This is our current dress code: (just scroll down if you already know or simply already know the issues and just want to sign the petition ) Don’t worry my reasoning is below ! 

The middle schools in the SMUSD are environments for learning and business. Student dress and appearance should
reflect this image. Students are expected to exercise good judgment and good taste regarding their dress and grooming
so as not to disrupt the educational environment. Footwear must be worn at all times while the student is at school or at
school sponsored activities. No flip-flops are allowed on campus. Clothing must be clean and in good repair. Pants are
to be worn at waist level. The tops worn by both males and females should adequately cover the chest area and not
expose excessive chest, cleavage or the midriff area. Female tops cannot allow bra straps to be seen. Skirts and shorts
must be of appropriate length and provide adequate coverage when student is in both standing and sitting positions. In
summary, clothing cannot expose body parts or be revealing and students should look like students while they are at
No gang-related signs, belts, insignia, colors or distinctive modes of dress are allowed on campus or at school sponsored
Clothing may not display profane, violent, obscene, or sexual based language or pictures or sexual based
numbers such as "69" or other gang or hate related numbers, ethnic, or sexist slurs; identification of any alcoholic or
tobacco product or message which names or pictures drugs, drug use, or drug slang of any type. Lakers, Dodger
Raiders, Padres, SD, Chargers and LA clothing or symbols are prohibited unless specified by the site administrator
Spike jewelry, belt buckles with initials, chains (including wallet chains) and bandanas are not allowed. During cold
weather, gloves of all kinds are not allowed during school hours. Gloves will be allowed to be worn to and from school, but
must be removed before the first period bell. Hoods on jackets are not allowed to be worn on jackets for the purpose of
student identification.
All headgear is prohibited on campus. If a hat is required for sun protection, a school approved cap will be made available
at a nominal fee. Headgear includes, but is not limited to, all caps, hats, beanies, bandannas, headbands, scarves and
Examples of inappropriate clothing include: Strapless tops, halter tops, swimming attire, pajama clothing, tops that expose
midriff skin, backless shirts, tube tops, spaghetti strap tops, off the shoulder tops, crop tops, and sleeveless undershirts. All undergarments must be covered at all times. 

My (and possibly yours or your child’s)  school (San Marcos Middle) has a dress code that desperately needs modification. It penalizes the school’s  young students for having body’s. They foster/create eating disorders and body image issues. They are biased against girls. Even though the school has to base them affecting both genders, it is more commonly enforced on women. The main point of dress code is to keep a good learning environment, not distracting other students (or teachers). Why do we have to force the blame on the future generations bodies. S.M.M.S should be attacking, teaching, and reconstructing the behavior of those who are distracted. Dress codes limit self expression and create (rather than a positive learning environment) a negative space where students feel in motivated to work hard and learn as much as they can.  A better future for todays youth includes a reformed dress code. A modified dress code I would be happy with would be this: 

Footwear must be worn on campus by all students at all times. No flip flops will be allowed for the purpose of student safety. Clothing must be clean. Undergarments (Underwear, Bras, Undershirts) Should be somewhat covered by another layer of clothing and will it be permitted by themselves. No gang related signs, colors or insignia shall be permitted on S.M.M.S campus. Clothing may not show profane, violent, obscene, sexual based language/pictures. Clothing also may not reference or picture alcohol, drug, drug use, or any drug/alcohol slang.  Vulgarity/Nudity will not in any circumstances be permitted on campus. 
You can help make a better future by simply signing this petition. Every Signature makes a phenomenal difference When we (me and my peers) win we will have made a necessary impact on the way we learn. We lose we continue to face harsh conditions and struggle to rebuild our confidence. Other schools have changed. We can too! 


43 have signed. Let’s get to 50!
At 50 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!