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With the annexation of Salida off the table of Modesto's General Plan, the spying and prying eyes of the city are now looking down upon our vibrant and fully employed community as easy chum for their pathways to oblivion.

Wood Colony already has jobs and the land is owned by county tax paying families. Those jobs include farming and teaching, just to name two of the most important socio-economic pieces of our backbone here in the Valley.

Some things are more important than money, elusive jobs, and a greedy fist full of quick dollars: FAMILY. I hope we can have the foresight to see the future and predict what Wood Colony will look like if our farmland is paved over, our schools taken away, and our families uprooted.

Wood Colony will become the most hellish place in all of Stanislaus County. And, if allowed, it will be the elected officials that we put into office, who will have done it to us.

Letter to
Representative Jeff Denham
The Modesto Bee, Opinions Editor Mike Dunbar
Supervisor for District 4 Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors-Dick Monteith
and 16 others
Suervisor for District 2 Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors-Vito Chiesa
Supervisor for District 1 Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors-William O'Brien
Supervisor for District 5 Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors-Jim DeMartini
Councilman for District 6 Dave Cogdill, Jr.
Councilwoman for District 5 Jenny Kenoyer
Councilman for District 4 Bill Zoslocki
Councilman for District 3 Dave Lopez
Councilman for District 2 Tony Madrigal
Councilman for District 1 John Gunderson
Supervisor for Distrcit 3 Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors-Terry Withrow
Mayor of Modesto Garrad Marsh
California Governor
California State Senate
California State House
State Representative Adam Gray
The Modesto Bee Kevin Valine
Spare Wood Colony-

Farmland is second only to water in this region when it comes to a commodity that everyone else wants. We have the abundance of both in good years, and plan with frugal intentions, during bad ones.

If we give up one or the other, farmland or water, we have lost what will be our saving resource when times get tougher than they already are.

Don't sell the farm in lieu of a quick fix to a long term problem. We need to retain the value of our community, as is, assuring the continued success to the City of Modesto and County of Stanislaus.

We must hold tight to that which we already have. The soil that would be paved over is the golden goose of this state. We need only to cultivate it to provide more jobs, by utilizing the fertile land that we already own, for its natural purpose.

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