Educational Equity and Access for Immigrant and Refugee Teens in Modesto

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Immigrant and refugee teens entering Modesto deserve a quality education in order to make their American Dreams come true. The Language Institute at Davis High school has a proven track record of making those dreams a reality. Unfortunately the interpretation of antiquated policies are creating barriers to access for many students. These same policies are also having a negative impact on state data, meaning that Davis is statistically being punished for educating this student demographic. If we can convince Modesto City Schools to enroll these students based on educational history, rather than by age, we can:

1. Increase the graduation rate of Davis by approximately 9% 

2. Provide newcomers to our community literacy, college and career readiness, and mastery of English comparable to their native born peers

3. Align local education policy with Title III immigrant accommodation recommendations (access until age 21)

  4. Honor our history of being a "nation of immigrants"