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a wiki-style database of international forced labor and sexual slavery cases has hit a major milestone with the post of its 500th case. These cases are a glimpse into the dark world of involuntary servitude, a situation into which more than 27 million people find themselves confined. The website, a digital community outreach created by the Not For Sale Campaign (NFSC), allows users to post documented cases of slavery from any computer with a link to the Internet. These cases are then vetted by NFSC staff and used to educate the politicians, law enforcement, healthcare professionals, educators and the general public about this hidden crime.

"Thousands of cases of human trafficking are in existence and is our key vehicle of bringing those cases into the public domain," said David Batstone, founder and president of NFSC. "Through thissite, we are allowing people to transform from bystander to investigator as they research cases of modern-day slavery in their own backyard. Many of the listings on the site point to cases in the United States." was soft-launched in mid 2008 to fill one of the key gaps in the battle against modern-day slavery: the lack of information. NFSC began dedicating resources and personnel to the project in late 2008 and in 2009, data collection for the site has increased dramatically. With partners in countries such as Nepal, Uganda, Cambodia, Peru, Thailand, and Ghana, NFSC has investigators working to bring the cases from the files of international agencies into public view. NFSC staff expect to see the site surpass 1,000 cases logged by the end of 2009.

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Sarah Sweeney has been lighting up Washington state to mobilize modern-day Abolitionists throughout the faith community.
Sarah is signing on churches to participate in Freedom Sunday, February 21st, 2010 -- so they can join a nation of faith united to end human trafficking. Sarah will be teaching a workshop, "Mobilizing Your Church Community in Fighting Modern Slavery" for the upcoming Seattle Missions Fest, as well as teaching a community awareness class on fair trade in September and early October.

These are just a few highlights of Not For Sale Washington's ongoing work. To connect with Sarah and plug into the movement, email

To learn how your church community can join the Underground Church Network and participate in Freedom Sunday, contact UCN Director Brant ( or John (

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