Tell MOD Pizza to stop allowing horrific animal abuse!

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MOD Pizza, a pizza chain with more than 400 locations across the United States, allows horrific abuse of chickens in their supply chain. Many of their competitors, including Blaze Pizza, &pizza, Mellow Mushroom, Fresh Brothers, and Papa John’s, along with more than 200 other brands, have already publicly pledged to do better for chickens. Sign this petition to ask MOD Pizza to join their competitors by improving conditions for chickens in their supply chain. 

MOD Pizza has the ethical responsibility to prevent extreme suffering for the chickens used in their menu items. The company allows suppliers to grow chickens so large so quickly that the birds often become immobilized in their own waste. They breathe in toxic chemicals and sometimes suffer organ failure or even die. MOD Pizza should publicly pledge not to purchase chickens from facilities that use lower-welfare breeds or slaughter chickens by hanging them by their feet, dragging them through electrified water, and cutting their throats—sometimes while the birds are fully conscious. MOD Pizza claims to serve “food to feel good about,” but they continue to allow terrible practices. Please sign this petition to urge MOD Pizza to ban chicken cruelty from their supply chain!