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Mobsters Petition

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We the undersigned petitioners are a community of online game players, most notably , the game "Mobsters" hosted by Playdom. During the recent months, Myspace has undergone a massive sweep of user accounts and without notice, warning or explanation deleted thousands of accounts which are linked to Playdom servers.
There are several million players on the Mobsters app, and it has been one of the most successful and profitable apps hosted by Playdom, a subsidiary corporation owned now by Walt Disney Company. The petitioners have invested thousands of dollars into these apps only to have been deprived of their accounts by Myspace.
The players' confidence is now greatly diminished and therefore the petitioners are reluctant to commit to any further investments on the game until and unless Playdom and Disney can offer a solution that would: a) Assist in the restoration of lost/deleted accounts as a result of Myspace actions (*although the petitioners understand Disney and Playdom are limited in regards the actions of Myspace, the petitioners are asking for greater influence and ass- istance from Disney in requesting Myspace cooperation)
b)Create or cause to be created servers that are independent of Myspace and do not require reliance on Myspace usage or syncing for access to the gaming acc- ounts.
The undersigned are grateful for Disney's assistance in this matter, and we intend to help Playdom continue becoming a profitable company in return for making our gaming experience as pleasant and as enjoyable as possible and believe that the requests we have made in this petition will work towards accomplishing that.
We thank you for your consideration in this matter.

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