Request MobiKwik to treat all KYC users equal & stop forcing Aadhaar.

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MobiKwik has always been very notorious about Aadhaar. Their user experience has extremely degraded since Aadhaar entered the scene. Initially, they just allowed Aadhaar as KYC even though RBI had outlined for other IDs as well to be used. It has always forced Aadhaar even after SC declared it not mandatory. But at some point had to comply with guidelines. We still see the screen for Aadhaar again and again even after completing KYC using other ID suggested by RBI.

Since that didn't work MobiKwik's new tactic is to actually punish people without Aadhaar to get them to link Aadhaar to their wallet.

They have degraded the service extremely for non-Aadhaar users categorizing them as min-KYC customers. While previously one could use unlimited cashback, which was later capped at ₹1000 / month in Jan 2018. They have now suddenly cut down cashback usage to ₹100 / month for min-KYC users and kept the service as is for Aadhaar users, which makes the service entirely useless, knowing their 'supercash' expires with 2-3 months.

We believe, Mobikwik knows this and has very cleverly strategized this to hurt users where it hurts, hoping that they will link Aadhaar. This is a bad way to treat customers. In response to that, let us unitedly hurt them where it hurts by completely boycotting MobiKwik until they retain the service back to normal for non-Aadhaar users.

₹100 / month is not a big loss for us to avoid a company that treats customers poorly. Sign this petition to request MobiKwik to start treating customers equally keeping aside political agenda.

share this petition using hashtag #BoycottMobikwik & stop using it until your service is retained back to normal.

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