Mob Lynching & Safety of Life of Each Citizen of India

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Bring Law for Mob Lynching and ensure Safety of Common citizen of India.

Mob Lynching is a cruel act, it is an Unlawful and Act against Humanity. It is a duty of Police, State Government as well as Central Government to take stern action against such Unlawful act which take life of citizen of this country. It is a duty of Government who take taxes from Public to ensure safety and security of every citizen.
Ensuring Safety of Life of citizen is a Duty of Government, it is incumbent for a Government to bring law for safety.

What Next action after Pehli Khan, Tabrez Ansari, etc?

We have failed to make a specific law against this Unlawful and Inhuman Incident, if Law for beef possession can be made then why no law can be framed for Mob Lynching where the life of a citizen is involved.

At the same time, Civil Society, Human Rights Associations, NGOs, Educated citizen and common citizen, Media, Journalist failed to use their Weapon of Pen,it says *"Pen is mightier than Sword"*, but the strength of Pen seems dying and Civil Society, Educated Indian Citizen has left their Weapon of Pen. 

*Advocate Yusuf Muchchala*
who is a Chairman of Association for Protection of Civil Rights (APCR)

Demand for a Law to punish Mob Lynching, He said “a murder of the rule of law,” Mr. Muchhala demanded that a provision to make the administration accountable should be part of the laws against communal violence.

All  Civil Society Members, NGOs, Association, Educated and all citizen of Country should represent to government for framing a Law for Mob Lynching via this petition and as well as written letter

Let's Citizen not live with Fear rather the Evil doer should Live with Fear

  • -Bring Strict Law for Mob Lynching offence
    Make mob lynching non bailable offence
  • To suspend the Errant or Inactive Police officer in charge and enforce Rapid Action in punishing the culprit
  • To sentence the accused to life time imprisonment and in special cases death sentence
  • Compensation should be given to the victims by the government
  • Witnesses should be given police security


I urge all fellow countrymen irrespective of the faith, stand and voice for Law to secure Justice of Killing and restore security of Citizen of India.