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Resolution Abolishing Corporate Personhood and Money As Speech

The US Supreme Court ruled that corporations are persons in "Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission" on January 21, 2010. With this ruling, corporations can and do bypass the will of the people by buying elections and running our government.

"We the people" means we the people. In 1938, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black stated, “I do not believe the word ‘person’ in the Fourteenth Amendment includes corporations”

Cities, towns, and municipalities across the USA have already passed such a resolution declaring that corporations are not people, as a way of protecting the rights of their own local citizens against corporate domination, and also as a way of influencing the move to amend the US Constitution to restore the basic constitutional rights of human beings, We the People.

We, the undersigned, petition the Moab City Council to make Moab the first city in Utah to join the many cities, towns, and municipalities across the USA in passing a resolution calling for (in the words of Los Angeles’ Resolution) "support for a Constitutional Amendment and other legislative actions ensuring that only human beings, not corporations, are endowed with constitutional rights and that money is not speech, and therefore the expenditure of corporate money to influence the electoral process is no longer a form of constitutionally protected speech."

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