Say No To The Group Called AJ Team On Facebook

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My name is Oluwanifemi Mobose Fayose-Oluwatise and known by many as 'Mo Fayose'. I first register a not-for-profit organization 'The Realkoko Ministry' in 2012 when I used to support the Afro-Carribeans in London who are about isolated, vulnerable and those with mental health challenges. I moved to Nottingham in 2014 and continued my charity under the umbrella of Mo Fayose Foundation and now also have a national registered not-for-profit organization which is known as the Community Cares Club.

The purpose of my organization is to support victims of domestic violence which is suffered as a result of cheating spouse, to support those who are lonely and isolated in my community through the provision of Christmas Day Dinner, weekly community come dine with me, emergency soup run, smoothies on wheels, day trips and the one that's about to be birthed, our own Community Holiday Home. 

Since May of this year 2018, I have been subjected to harassment & inequality abuse in relation to my disability, by a group called AJ Team aka Omo Aye because I supported a woman that was going through domestic violence in her marriage, whom was also subjected to a mental and physical abuse in the hands of the woman that her husband was cheating on her with. I have not only been this group's target, my family which includes my mother have also been targeted. 

In the last week alone, the group's leader who is known as Tolulope Ghaba/Abike Jagaban/Mummy G.O with her home office real name according to sources from Facebook to be "Tope Adeoye Date of birth 8th May 1978, and whom her address at the time of her application to the home office is said to be 124a New City Road, London E13 9PY" have harassed me on more than 2 occasions on Facebook this, calling me "One eye" and "Bingo", cursing and abusing myself and my family on and off my facebook page. In her hate speech, she said "I will die and I am a mental health patient". Abike and some other leaders within the group have continuously attack my followers and myself on my Facebook page which is called 'Abefe Ibadiaran'.

Other well known leaders of the group are Evelyn Oghweh aka Oosha -  Yeyelua of AJ Team, Apostle Irobo, Queenwilly Lemonu Ohun, Janet Tutu, Oluomo Gallant, Tee Aspirlla, Michael Olaseni, Tee Ooo, Ajani Roberts, Abefe Roberts and many more.

I have reported to Facebook on several occasion, however, they said this group have not infringed any of there policies, DESPITE EVIDENCES. I have also reported to the Police and I have case reference number to prove it, I was advised to block them, and my response was and still is, HOW DO YOU BLOCK FROM THOUSANDS OF FAKE PROFILES THAT THIS GROUP HAVE?

On few occasions, I have responded to there derogatory comments as I am only human, especially when I have been attacked based on my disabilities. I wasn't born blind in one eye, I was just unfortunate to have been a victim of a terrible road accident on the 14th of November 1993, which left me with scars on my face, false teeth, damage to the back of my head and nerve damage to the left side of my body. There attacked continue to cause me sleepless nights, anxiety and not knowing what I will find about me on social media. The latest one posted by another one of there fake profiles added my brother Ayo Fayose, and tagged me as one of the Chibok girls that was kidnapped by Boko Haram.

The purpose of this Change Petition is to get justice for myself, my family and other people that this group had caused pain and to ensure that those who uses social media to harass, abuse, target those who are vulnerable people and uses ones disability to harass them HAVE A DIRECT LINE OR EMAIL IN WHICH THEY CAN BE REPORTED TO THE HOME OFFICE. 

In a recent survey that I conducted about this group, there is evidence that this group are another form of terrorist as they hide under a registered business which is known as Abike Jagaban Ltd - Companies House registration number 11148496, and another business/NGO that I believe is registered in Nigeria , which is known as Abike Jagaban Helping Hands Foundation, which uses First City Monument bank account number 5107600017. They also have a paypal account with the following email address

During few of there shows where they are abusing and causing others pain, they have posted the account numbers for people to donate. Is this not a form of terrorism?

I am concerned for myself and that of my children has this group's leader is well known for attacking people physically. A woman of almost 60 years of age was physically attacked by the leader of this group Abike Jagaban; she has in the past arranged to have this elderly woman stabbed (according to sources on Facebook), her car was damaged and stone was thrown into her house. Few of her followers have planned in the past to attack another of there victim with Acid, as illustrated in one of the videos that was made public on Facebook by another member of the group whom by accident confessed to someone unknowingly to her that she's been recorded.

On the 23rd of June this year, the son of a very close family friend was stabbed to death in Romford, Essex, in which caused the whole family and friends a very serious heartache, and to our surprise, the leader of this same group Abike Jagaban, took to Instagram and did a live video taking down on the family. Other groups and peace loving people on Facebook came out to support the family by addressing this insensitive behaviour by the leader of this group, in which I equally did, and she refused to apologise to the family of Doughety, and lied that she didn't do it, despite having the evidence to back it up.

This group can be very brutal to the bone; they have attacked hundreds of people on Facebook and Instagram and there power continues to grow in folds.

Having this petition will help me to create more awareness into the damages that this group is causing and it will help in relieving the pain they have put people through.Most importantly, we will be able to bring them to justice.

Please help us to eradicate this group, and there likes on social media.

If you have been affected by this group, please do feel free to email me on 

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