Take Kataza back home.

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Dear MNC Nieuwoudt

Please end the random decisions that could result in the killing of our beloved Kataza. The responsibility is yours to hold the baboon management company to account. Please bring Kataza home.

By breaking up what is a family unit, it is likely to result in conflict between Kataza and humans, which historically results in the baboon being killed.

For those who want to help, please read more about Kataza below:

Kataza, the baboon who was born in the Slangkop troop was trapped and relocated to Tokai.

Kataza had shown no signs of wanting to disperse, there were no dominance battles between him and George and the troop were always together.

Kataza is lost, scared, stressed and frantically searching for his troop.

Please sign and share this petition to get Kataza back home to his family.

To voice your concerns around this situation, please e-mail Ward Councillor Liell-Cock at simon.liellcock@capetown.gov.za or MNC Nieuwoudt at marian.nieuwoudt@capetown.gov.za

We call on you MNC Niewoudt, Cllr Liell-Cock to hear us as residents. Bring Kataza home to his family and STOP the continued persecution of baboons at the behest of a contractor that is failing in having the interests of the people and the animals at heart.