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Petitioning Minnesota State House and 2 others

MN Gun Owners: Vote no on HF241 and the future omnibus gun violence bill

Minnesota implemented the Gun Control Act prior to 1999, which restricts the purchasing of pistols and military-style assault weapons (detailed in the bill) to those citizens over the age of 18 who have a permit to purchase a pistol or permit to carry; additionally, a background check and valid ID are also required to purchase a firearm in Minnesota.

The proposed bill, HF241, bans all semiautomatic firearms previously listed as assault weapons, and magazine capacities of over 7 rounds. There is no grandfather clause - instead, a yearly registration and background check will be required for anyone who wishes to keep their firearms affected by this legislation, and local law enforcement will be allowed to insure that these firearms are kept secure in the home. Persons wishing to shoot their firearm banned under this legislation will only be allowed to do so on their own property, property they are in control of, or a licensed gun range. These firearms may not be sold, gifted, or transferred to anyone other than local law enforcement, after which they will be destroyed. It may only be kept or transferred if it is rendered permanently inoperable by the new owner.

If it passes, this bill goes into effect September 2013. Anyone who does not wish to keep their firearm under this bill will need to turn it in, take it out of state, or render it permanently inoperable.

This affects our rights to privacy, our rights against unreasonable searches and seizures, our right to keep and bear arms, and our basic right as law-abiding men and women to liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

I am hoping to get 10,000 signatures by February 5, when the next public hearing on HF241 is scheduled.
Educate yourself on the issues, share this petition, and please sign it.
Thank you.

Letter to
Minnesota State House
Minnesota State Senate
Minnesota Governor
To the Honorable Alice Hausman, Frank Hornstein, Erik Simonson, Jim Davnie, and Linda Slocum:
Please do not support HF241, the new Minnesota assault weapons ban that you co-authored.
This bill, although based on good intentions as a step on the road to reduce gun violence, is not based on evidence of the impact of semiautomatic military style assault weapons in Minnesota crime, and does not represent the will of the people.
Those that sign this petition want to see their lawmakers have an open, honest discussion on the true issues surrounding gun violence, including: a lack of better education on gun safety for all gun owners; inconsistent prosecution of those who falsify background check documents; gang-related activity; and other factors that make it easy for people to get access to guns they are ineligible to purchase.
Additionally, this bill submits private, law-abiding citizen to a new set of strict regulations on their legally owned semiautomatic firearms banned under this legislation. Minnesotans already follow the policies surrounding purchase of a so-named "military style assault weapon" and handguns by getting the proper permits, undergoing a background check, and showing a valid ID.
The new bill would require yearly re-registration, background checks, limit the magazine capacity of these firearms, deny the right of a person to gift or will a firearm to a loved one or close friend, and ultimately ends in the state obtaining these firearms upon submission or death of the owner, to be permanently destroyed.

With all respect, we, the people of Minnesota, do not support this legislation, and we urge you to remove your support as well.