HE IS RELEASED!!! Release arrested truck driver Bogdan Vechirko & drop all charges.

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Warning: please be advised that any donations made in response to this petition are final gifts to Change.org - funds don’t go to Bogdan or his family or Lawer. This petition is for bringing attention of the Minnesota government and people in charge to Bogdan’s clause. This petition seek signatures, lots of them, to bring public attention to this injustice. This petition is not to collect funds, since all fund go directly to Change.org. SIGNATURES only!
If you desire to help Bogdan and his wife Svetlana directly, with medical and legal costs, please help through PayPal @freebogdan or use email svetka4g@gmail.com  Thank you very much!       This petition requests to drop all charges and to release a tanker truck driver Bogdan Vechirko who drove through the mob protesters on I - 35 W road in Minneapolis this Sunday. After angry violent mob attacked him in the truck full of flammable fuel and mobsters threatened his safety, his life, his well-being, he drove through them to get away. Unbelievable, instead arresting the violent terroristic mob, the truck driver got arrested and facing criminal charges. Wouldn’t any of us try to get away facing the angry violent mob? This is surreal. Please sign petition to help release from jail an innocent victim  - any truck driver or any driver could of been in his place in such awful & terrible circumstances. Thank you!