Madison schools: Cancel Tuesday 5/29 due to heat danger

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Dear Madison Metropolitan School District:
Happy Memorial Day weekend. It’s a hot one! We, the undersigned parents, guardians, teachers, staff, and friends of the Madison Metropolitan School District, are kindly requesting that school be canceled on Tuesday, May 29th due to record high temperatures. As support, we note that:
a. MMSD did not require a snow day cancellation during this 2017-18 academic year, and at least one snow day was already built in to the school calendar. As such, canceling school on May 29th would not extend the school year past its already scheduled last day, Friday, June 8th.
b. fewer than 10% of school spaces in the district are air-conditioned, and that includes fewer than 5% of classrooms. After a weekend of record-breaking temperatures, the classrooms on Tuesday will be dangerously hot, in ways that cannot be adequately compensated for by box fans and by kids making accordion fans out of construction paper. For example, Sunday’s high was 95 with a heat index of 98. Monday’s high is forecast to be 97. And the heat index will be over 100! Kids cannot be relied upon to adequately hydrate; nor can teachers assure that children are exercising sufficient self-care under these conditions. Thus, the children run the very real risk of severe heat stroke
c. educational research has consistently shown that learning is dramatically reduced in extreme / uncomfortable conditions; and the end of the school year already has most children mentally ready for summer break.
Thank you for giving this serious consideration.