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MMDA: Scrap the 2-day number coding scheme. Weed out ALL colorum buses, instead.

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About 4,000 illegal or “colorum” buses operate on EDSA every single day. That is a huge amount of space that is stolen from every law-abiding citizen of Metro Manila.

Every time we are stuck in traffic, our work productivity decreases. We lose money and most importantly, quality time with our family.

The MMDA is well-aware of this, and yet their grand plan to ease traffic in EDSA is by barring cars two times a week.

They cannot do this. They are ignoring the root of our traffic problems..

Our coding scheme has been revised several times and it never succeeded. The rich people only bought more cars to get around the scheme. They can and will do it again.

The first step they must take should be to disallow the thousands of colorum buses.

That alone will free up a huge amount of space and will drastically improve traffic flow in Metro Manila.

If the government would like to bar legally-registered vehicles and motorcycles twice a week, they should first be able to provide an alternative - a public transportation system that is efficient, reliable and safe for all citizens.

Sign our petition and be part of the first step to a traffic solution in Metro Manila.

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