Create a Metro Manila Bus System

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It is time to replace the jeepneys and bus companies. 

The problems :

  1. The bus and the jeepneys that pick up and drop off passengers where ever they like, causing sudden brakes and accidents.
  2. Even if they pick up on the proper stops, they stay there for too long resulting in congestion. 
  3. We have no idea how these vehicles pass the emission testing. 

The cause : 

Drivers are payed based on commission. To my knowledge they are payed the minimum wage and rewarded with bonuses based on the income they give to the bus company. I think jeepneys are purely commission based. This means that they will always wait for the vehicle to fill up in the stops and pick up passengers anywhere. Also they will always compete with other buses/jeepneys trying to over take their competitor to get to the stops and the passengers first.

The proposed solution : 

  1. Remove all franchises of bus and jeepneys.
  2. Buy out the buses that pass the emission testing and buy new ones to match the demand. Mini buses should replace jeepneys on smaller roads.
  3. Create a government owned bus system similar to Singapore or Hong Kong. With emphasis on proper timing of bus schedules. This should encompass entire Metro Manila and not just major highways - an expanded network of the roads that are currently being serviced by the buses and jeepneys.
  4. There should be proper bus stops built.
  5. Bus drivers should be salaried - an amount that matches or surpasses their current earnings. Of course, they should pass a practical driving exam before they become regular employees.

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