MLDD Community Demand #SaveOurKarmas

MLDD Community Demand #SaveOurKarmas

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Dear fellow producers from Mr. Love and Love & Producer community,

As you maybe aware that the sibling server called Mr. Love Dream Date or SouthEast Asia server will close down soon due to operation reasons. As bittersweet as it is, there are lots of emotions & feelings behind the scences, especially anger and disappointment from the players in the MLDD community with the abrupt shutdown annoucement and the bad compensation plan. 

Allow me to enumerate the forms of mistreatment we as players in this community have experienced:

  1. Since the 2nd anniversary held last February 2022, we haven’t had any events besides the March 14th white day gem giveaway. We were met with complete and utter silence from the MLDD team to the point where their absence in-game were felt by all.
    To state some examples: the Victor guardian karma that hasn’t been changed in the 24hr challenge for weeks and the absence of a monthly sign in R karma. Players had nowhere to turn to for inquiries besides the CS which were met with automated answers.

  2. After a long radio silence, we were greeted with sudden announcement of the server closing on 6th April 2022 on 04.00 P.M. 
    The game was removed from the app store thereby preventing players who had previously uninstalled the game from accessing their accounts. This also means that they are unable to make a transfer to the MLQC if they wish to.

  3. The players are VERY OPEN to the idea of moving to MLQC as suggested by the Mr Love Dream Date team. That is, if all of our data inclusive of our karmas collection, story progression, avatar frame, etc to be transferred to MLQC. This was made known in our open letter draft before the announcement (it's not released in the end because MLDD already make a statement).

    However, MLDD team decided to just transfer the gems accordance to the total number of gems we had in our account on April 6th and wipe off all of the other datas. And the compensation for us is to receive ‘special gifts’ in our new MLQC accounts based on our VIP EXP.

    No karma, no achievement, no items that WE BOUGHT (top up cards, VIP, RBY/ASMR, etc). This is extremely ridiculous considering the amount of real money we have spent to get these items and as compared the compesention that the MLDD team has offered, it's not on par at all.

    If the planning of closure had already been brewing for months, we expect a better execution of server transfer for us to catch up with MLQC's players. But unfortuantely, no.

    We are already lacking 1 year of progress and missed out alot of events, and now we are losing all of our precious karmas & story progression. It's tiring to chase up 30+ chapters of story while the players in MLQC are way ahead of us.
    Especially some chapters that needed our SSR karmas to even manage to progress through, which we are losing it too. 


This is the link for the proof :

To our developer, Papergames and our publisher, Elex.

We are grateful for the thought of transferring our gems. But honestly, it is not enough for us who have been playing for about 2 years. 
We have been in this game for 2 years collecting, evolving, ascending our cards and getting so many achievements, for all to be gone as if it never happened? It is just so heartbreaking.

The compensation plan by your team is simply horrendous. Below is the compensation plans that we feel that it should be on par for players like us whom have poured 2 years of our life, time & money into this game :

  1. We want our karmas. This game relies on Karmas more than anything else. Without the Karmas, there is no point in us starting the game from scratch in MLQC. We need the karmas to even progress through the story.

    We noted that you have technical troubles to transfer the entire database, so we are lowering our expectation to the point where we are fine with just level 1 of the karmas that we own currently. Especially for SSR, SR, limited top up karmas.

    We are not even expecting to receive the same levels of Karmas that we have upgraded to. These cards that we own is already available in MLQC data system. We don't see a point of you having difficulty in mailing the karma back to us just like how you mail the gems to us.

    We got these cards from our hard work, money, and time and there are lots of memories there. Please do the most basic courtesy for us and kindly return the cards to us.

    In addition, could you also bring back cards with gift box feature? For this 3rd Anniversary you give us chance to get 2nd even 1st Anniversary R karmas! You can make the magic happen again. :)
    A gentle reminder, we have mailbox feature in our games :)

    - Event's karmas
    - Top up karmas
    - Any other limited karmas

  2. The items that we paid to own it, Right Beside You (RBY) / ASMR. It cost alot of money to own it as compared to other items, and this is one kind of item for each RBY. Please return these to us via the mailbox too. 

  3. Just kindly transfer most of our items, especially the ones that we spent money on like Wish Tree Tickets. 

  4. Since we know we have same publisher which is Elex, which means MLDD and MLQC in under one place. There is no way one team don't know the other team.
    Which is why, we demand lots of rerun events in the future especially since we have already skipped several events plus the 1 year gap between the two servers. 
    I believe the existing MLQC players whom missed out the events would also be happy to have the chance to get the karmas that they missed out. 
    We state this so that both MLDD and MLQC team can hear out hope and wish.

  5. We want this to be implemented to all of our MLDD players even if they have already move to MLQC prior to your official annoucement. 

In the end, what's really important for us is our cards. Especially SSR and SR karmas. We get it from a battle with our luck, chances. We pour our money, time, and love. We also spent a lot of happiness and tears all these 2 years. And to carve and commemorate our memories from this past 2 years journey, it is from our karmas.

This is an extremely frustating & heartbreaking periods for us. We love this game as much as you do for Mr.Love or Love&Producer, and we wouldn't want to see this happens to anyone anymore. 

We sincerely invite you to join us in signing this petition to get recognized for us to be able to start over our journey at the new server with good feelings. And hopefully prevention of such unfair treatment for the future. 


MLDD Community Players

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