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The Indians' fan email reply told me I have to address this to MLB, not the Indians organization.

It appears MLB and the Indians Organization does NOT listen, nor care to listen, to their fans!

Indians fans buy the tickets, merchandise, etc..the protesters do not spend one thin dime! Cater to those who write your paychecks.

The courts recently ruled it goes against the 1st amendment to force a team to change their name or logo. There are thousands of Indians' fans who want their beloved Chief Wahoo incorporated back the way it was before all the P.C. hype! We need to keep our 'Indains' name as well! We also "dislike"..(to be mild), the block "C"! TOO many reasons to mention why it's sooo awful! We know where Chief Wahoo can still, barely, be seen. But the block "C" has taken over his spot everywhere else. It appears it doesn't matter what the fans want because absolutely NOTHING has been done or even acknowledged. It's very disheartening that not ONE person has acknowledged our plea. I have one of many pages full of fans who want this! Included are some links to 2 of those many pages, showing how Indians' fans..and even other people, want Chief Wahoo back as our prominant logo. And to keep our proud Indians' name.

Indians fans want their Chief Wahoo back! Below, 2 facebook support pages: