Give Vancouver an MLB team

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Vancouver has a long and storied history of loving baseball, and the MLB is interested in expanding by two additional teams. MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred has stated that it would be ideal for there for there to be an expansion team on the west coast.

Portland is the most likely choice for most, but why not Vancouver? Of course, there would need to be much work done to achieve this, but it would be possible. More importantly, it would be wildly successful. The Vancouver Canadians routinely sell out their stadium of well over six thousand fans, and that is just for single-A baseball. Imagine the hype an MLB team would generate around not only Vancouver but all of western Canada.

A prime example of this is the annual series between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Seattle Mariners in Seattle. During this series, despite being on the road, Seattle is flooded with Blue Jays fans from all over western Canada, prominently from the Vancouver area.

Vancouver placed bids in past MLB expansions, most recently for a team in 1998; however, the proposals were not taken seriously. The primary reason for this was the lack of a proper stadium. BC Place stadium was insufficient for baseball back then and would be absurd for it now.

Building a new stadium wouldn't be easy, but it would be worth it. So with expansion around the corner, and with Vancouver having both an amazing fanbase and a geographical advantage, we must ask again; why not Vancouver?