Put Damien Starrett back behind bars

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Late last year Damien Starret beat his 1 year old son to death with his bare hands and assaulted his 4 year old daughter who luckily survived.
4 months later, the Canadian justice system has decided that Damien Starret is eligible to be released on a $1000 surety pemding trial and sentencing, in the custody of his elderly grandparents and are placing him in the same town where this terrible crime was committed. The remaining members of this family including his now 5 year old daughter still reside in this town and are now in fear of their lives. The conditions he will be under allow him an allotted time per day in the community. Damien has a violent history and a history of repeated drug use.
This petition is to tell our government and the powers that be that Damien Starret needs to stay in custody or if released, be released in another town or city nowhere near this family or the people of this town. If Damien Starret can murder his own child what is to stop him from relapsing and murdering someone else's?
Please sign this petition so the officials will see what a flawed system we have and make them put a baby killer back in prison until hes served his sentence

- John Michael MacEachern

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