Support For BC Midwives!

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Help bring BC Midwives the government support they desperately need and deserve!!

Midwives in BC are specialized medical professionals who provide compassionate care to pregnant and new families. Despite being specialists in their field, midwives have no access to provincial benefits, are the 2nd lowest paid midwives in Canada, and have to cover 100% of their office expenses. This is leaving many midwives feeling burnt out, with 20% of midwives leaving the profession.

Midwives are integral to BC's medical system. Right now over 1/4 of BC families choose midwives as their care providers, and that number is rising as more families realize the benefits that midwives provide. Midwives are experts in their field and exclusively offer pre and post natal care, ensuring that their patients recieve an intimate care experience based on years of knowledge and experience. Women who choose midwives often have less birth complications, fewer cesarean surgeries, and spend an average of 15 hours less in the hospital. 

Midwives have been struggling with deficient government support for years, and now it is tragically affecting a huge community with Willow Community Midwives in Penticton being forced to close their doors due to a lack of midwives.

We hope that this petition will encourage our MLAs to make the fundamental changes necessary to allow midwives to enjoy provincial benefits, government aid with expenses, and a fair wage.

I personally hope that by starting this petition midwives will see how valued they are by their community.