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Mitt Romney debate Ron Paul (Houston, TX on May 24th, 2012)

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The Republican Party of Texas is close to finalizing a deal that will bring a nationally televised Republican Presidential Debate to Houston, TX on May 24th, 2012. The debate will be the first one held since the March 3, 2012 hosted in Wilmington Air Park in Wilmington, Ohio. Now, is the perfect time to have another Presidential Debate as 1,001 delegates are still up for grabs. These delegates could change the course of the entire Republican race.

It would cause great shame to the Republican Party to deny the constituents of these states a final debate that includes all continuing candidates as such could set clear the platforms of each candidate. With politically minded lineups on both sides of the fence, it is imperative that the constituents know EXACTLY where the candidates stand on the issues that face America as well as their respective states. New details come out about the platforms of the candidates on a daily basis and it is impossible to keep up with the updates. A public debate can clarify confusion.

If that is not enough motivation, here is why We the People believe it is important that ALL candidates jump into the political debate arena in Texas:

1. Candidate Stances on Critical Issues: Topics will range from national issues, such as foreign policy, balancing the budget, and health care to state dilemmas, such as illegal immigration and education. The Republicans will present different sides of each issue as well as how their plans differ from the views of the incumbent. Therefore, it is imperative that the constituents know EXACTLY where each candidate stands on the issues and hear the opposing opinions that surround them. Identifying points and counterpoints for even the best-crafted message can only strengthen the argument. If an argument is solid there should be no fear of losing.

2. Public discourse: The Republicans will be able to show that they can engage in civilized debate of critical issues. It is imperative that the constituents are able to trust that their nominated candidate can stay on topic and not resort to accusations that are not well researched or are not based in proven fact. Designing a well-structured clearly articulated format for debate creates an environment for people to speak up.

3. Agreement/Disagreement: Constituents will be able to see where the candidates agree and disagree not only with each other but also with the incumbent. There is a difference between being told differences in ideology and seeing said ideology play out in debate. It is expected that there will be some conformity as well as differentiating sides. Each citizen is entitled to know just where the lines are actually drawn in order to form a clear cut decision on who should receive the binding vote of said individual. Inviting and debating opposing viewpoints disarms whatever resistance resides in the system.

4. Participation of Constituents: When candidates are on the campaign trail they mostly just talk about what said candidate is going to do for the state in which they currently reside. On the other hand, public debate covered by a news station gives candidates the opportunity to talk about national issues with a national participating audience. As it is the 21st century, people from all across the nation will be able to participate by asking questions. This promotes a mass understanding of the issues that ALL Americans face. A structured well-moderated debate is a novel and powerful alternative to another webcast or town meeting.

The official Twitter Handlers for the candidates are (in order found):


Petitioners can suggest that candidates attend the debate via their suggestion boxes, (snail) mail option, and/or phone them at their contact pages listed here (in order found):


Here are the addresses and phone numbers for SuperPACs that support the candidates. Write them via suggestion box, (snail) mail and/or call them (in order found):

Ron Paul:

Endorse Liberty
1625 Sunset Oaks Dr.
Salt Lake City, UT 84018

(646) 783-8243

Revolution PAC
3149 Dundee Rd. #176
Northbrook, IL 60062



Romney (not the most influential SuperPAC but it will do):

Republican Truth Squad PAC
PO Box 105603 #33585
Atlanta, GA 30348-5603


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