Term Limits

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It's time in this country, for us the citizen, to impose term limits. There is to much partisan politics. The members of both chambers need to vote the will of the people they represent. They instead vote down whatever party line is needed to make sure they get enough funding and backing for their re-election. This is not how American politics is supposed to work. The government is supposed to be of the people by the people and for the people. No one was ever meant to be a career politician. There is something wrong with a governing body that can vote to get them self a raise but can never muster enough votes to make a real difference in peoples lives. The ones that are there have been there for decades with what to show for it? How many times they voted against the other party? These people have no desire to help the American people. Most of them come in a normal person and leave very wealthy. What does that say about American politics? It's time term limits are passed for the sake of our country. They need to be reminded that it is OUR country and not theirs to do what they please while lining their pockets.