Free Kenneth Walker

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Where are the NRA and other gun-rights activists during a time where someone who is licensed to carry a weapon gets thrown in jail for protecting his home and girlfriend? It has been shown throughout history that the second amendment was not created for anyone other than a white man.

I am a 17-year-old in my Sophmore/Junior year at Regent University majoring in Law and National Security. I am going to Law school shortly to stop injustices against all people, especially people of color. The Louisville Metro Police Department is so wrong in the way that the events surrounding Kenneth Walker and EMT Breonna Taylor are taking place. When will enough be enough? Walker and Taylor were peaceful sleeping when the LMPD barged in their home and they didn't announce themselves. Walker, only trying to protect his home and girlfriend, draws his weapon and shots were fired from both parties. Taylor ended up being killed by the police and Walker has been charged with the attempted murder of a police officer when it was only self-defense.

This is a huge problem that he is even in jail at this current moment in time because he was exercising his rights as an American citizen trying to protect his home. Share and sign this petition so that we can achieve justice for Kenneth Walker and never forget Breonna Taylor.