Vote no on HB 1124, the anti-Tesla Bill

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HB 1124 is a Bill introduced by the Missouri House and passed by the Senate that prohibits car manufacturers such as Tesla from selling their vehicles directly to consumers. This bill is inherently anti-consumer and is a classic example of the government adding regulation and dictating how businesses can sell its products and services to consumers. Sign this petition and tell lawmakers to vote no!


Forcing manufacturers to sell through dealerships creates a monopoly for those dealerships that exist. Without new competition, dealerships are able to over charge for vehicles and services. Their un-transparent pricing and questionable sales tactics are proof that dealerships are not on the side of the consumer. 

Allowing Tesla to sell its vehicles directly will give consumers a fresh new option for buying a vehicle - one with transparent pricing and a service center that does not up-charge for maintenance and repairs. Additionally, because Tesla sells electric cars, its unable to allow dealerships sell its vehicles because they cannot maintain and fix electric cars. That’s why Tesla has invested over $2M in St Louis to open a service center. Another $1M investment is planned for later this year to build a service center in Kansas City.

Imagine if this type of regulation applied to the electronics industry. Apple, a manufacturer, would not be allowed to open its stores but rather would be forced to sell its products and services through third party retailers such as Best Buy. So much for a free country!

Just a few months ago, Jim Butler Chevrolet sued one of its customers for proving they overcharged him by $250. Dealerships are anti-consumer and Missouri needs to allow new options such as Tesla to enter the free-market which will force existing dealerships to begin treating customers right. Read about the Jim Butler case here:


For those who need to read the infringing text of the bill, it reads as such:

‘A franchisor shall be prohibited from owning or operating a new motor vehicle dealership in this state. […] For purposes of this section, "franchisor" shall be deemed to include any manufacturer of new motor vehicles.’

Read the bill in its entirety here:

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