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Urgent! Stop the Coup Against Gov. Eric Greitens

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We the People do solemnly find and publish as follows:

  1. That Eric Greitens is the duly elected Governor of the State of Missouri. 
  2. That the impeachment and trial process is anti-democratic and serves to deprive the People of their chosen governor. 
  3. That to protect the right of the People to have meaningful electoral rights any impeachment and trial process must provide for the following: (1) that there is  maximum due process; (2) that all hearings be open to the public and transmitted across all forms of media; (3) that the identity of no witness be concealed; and (4) that the evidence to vote in favor of impeachment and conviction must be no less than clear and convincing.  
  4. That alleged pre-election conduct must substantially weigh against impeachment and conviction. The electoral system allows for the press and opposition candidates to vet each candidate and voters are free to act upon that information; it is much like our adversarial legal system.
  5. That in the case of Gov. Greitens, the allegations of misuse of The Mission Continues (hereinafter “TMC”) donor list were publically known during the campaign. That he had an extramarital affair was widely known. 
  6. That the contents of the audio recording made by P.S. of K.S. alleging invasion of privacy were known to the Democratic gubernatorial nominee Chris Koster’s campaign and the Democratic Party, who believed the allegations were unworthy of admission into the campaign. 
  7. That the House of Representatives by and through the Special Investigative Committee on Oversight (hereinafter “Committee”) has attempted for all intent to convict Gov. Greitens by means of an a bill of attainder. 
  8. That the Committee did purposefully act to deprive Gov. Greitens of a fair criminal trial by releasing multiple one-sided and incomplete reports that failed to meaningfully cross-examine witnesses. 
  9. That the Committee had no legitimate basis for issuing said reports on April 11, April 24, and April 30 because the House had no intent to act upon those reports until after May 18, 2018.
  10. That St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly M. Gardner did intentionally avoid use of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department to investigate allegations against Gov. Greitens. 
  11. That Ms. Gardner chose an out-of-state investigative service whose CEO and lead investigator, a former FBI agent, William Tisaby, a former resident of St. Louis, who the FBI previously found to have committed perjury. 
  12. That Ms. Gardner knowingly: (1) violated the Rules of Professional Conduct; (2) failed to comply with discovery obligations; (3) deliberately concealed and altered evidence; (4) held secret meetings with K.S.; (5) caused false statements of law to be made to the Grand Jury; and (6) suborned perjury. 
  13. That from the time the audio recording was released K.S. has been influenced by Rep. Stacey Newman and members of the Democrat leadership in the House of Representatives.
  14. That Attorney Albert S. Watkins received $120,000 from unknown sources for the benefit of P.S. a key witness in the case. Ms. Gardner did conceal that payment from Gov. Greitens. 
  15. That there is no objective evidence Gov. Greitens committed the offenses of invasion of privacy or that he assaulted or coerced K.S. 
  16. That the only evidence is K.S.’s testimony which must be regarded as highly suspect because of Ms. Gardner’s record of suborning perjury and concealing evidence in the case. 
  17. That Ms. Gardner engaged in the extraordinary conduct of meeting alone with a victim/witness and failed to prepare a proper record of those meetings. 
  18. That K.S.’s testimony adds many additional claims and contradicts other claims made and not made on the audio recording including, but not limited to, allegations of grabbing and emptying her purse, frisking her, a waiting change of clothes, coerced oral sex, and sound of phone shutter click. 
  19. That K.S. admits she knew when Gov. Greitens invited her into the basement he was being “sexual.” That K.S. in her alternative narrative admits that she was “intrigued” about the “sexy workout” she was expecting. 
  20. That Gov. Greitens did not steal (computer tampering allegation) TMC donor list. TMC was not deprived of any property or benefit. 
  21. That the TMC donor list for donors $1,000 and more is largely public as it is posted at
  22. That no confidentiality agreement was entered into between TMC and Gov. Greitens because the proposed agreement was never fully executed. 
  23. That Gov. Greitens did not file a false document with the Missouri Ethics Commission (hereinafter “MEC”). 
  24. That Gov. Greitens and the MEC agreed that the donor list was received on a date uncertain in early 2015. March 1, 2015 was the date listed based on the stipulations. 
  25. That the Committee has been operating without authority since April 11, 2018 when it released its report.

Wherefore, We the People demand the Missouri Legislature do as follows:

  1. That Gov. Greitens not be impeached. 
  2. That Gov. Greitens not be censured or otherwise reprimanded.  

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