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Fire Professor Melissa Click - the First Amendment denier at University of Missouri

Ms. Click, a white professor, was captured on video verbally intimidating and bullying an Asian-American student photojournalist, Tim Tai, shooting news photos of student demonstrators encamped on public university property.


Ms. Click demanded the photojournalist leave, and when he did not comply, she called for student demonstrators to physically intimidate Mr Tai: “Who wants to help me get this reporter out of here? I need some muscle over here,” Ms. Click called out, as recorded on the video. 

What is particularly galling is that -- as Assistant Professor of Mass Media -- Ms. Click should be defending the First Amendment of the Constitution that protects the right to a free press.  Instead, she is captured on video actively denying the freedom of the press. She is not just a bystander in an assault against the press, she is the frontline commander of this assault.  

Ms. Click should be fired for violating the First Amendment of the Constitution in her role as a professor of a public university.  




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