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Remove Eugene Dokes and Bryan Spencer from their positions.

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Eugene Dokes illegally ran a Republican caucus in St Charles, MO on Saturday March 17th at Francis Howell High School. Mr Dokes, aligned with Bryan Spencer, refused to abide by Roberts Rules of Order at the caucus.

At the caucus, according to Robert's Rules of Order, the temporary chairman opens the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer. Next, the temporary chairman opens the floor for nominations for a permanent chair in which the entire body of voters votes for. The newly elected chairman opens the floor to nominate a secretary. Then the chairman appoints a parliamentarian, the rules committe, and the credentials committee. The rules are proposed by the chairman and voted on by the body, and the body then selects delegates to go to the Congressional District Convention and the State Convention either by slate or individually, whatever the body decides.
Dokes opened the floor for nominations for the permanent chair, in complete opposite order than what Robert's Rule of Order states. At this time, the whole gynasium errupted in the call and chant for Brent Stafford to be nominated, which Dokes ignored. Dokes then made his own nomination for chair and then called for a voice vote. The entire gymnasium erupted again with the call for 'division', which is the term that calls for a standing or ballot vote, which was utimately ignored by Dokes. Dokes's voice vote result was that the "I's'' have it, which was clearly not the case. Dokes then motioned to close nominations, called for a voice vote, and nominations were closed without any recognition of motions from the floor. After some time of disorder in the meeting, the new 'permanent chair' Matt Ehlen made a motion to adjourn the meeting, it was seconded, he swung his gavel, and it was over.
No delegates were awarded.
This caucus was run completely illegally.
Eugene Dokes and Bryan Spencer need to be removed from their positions for violating voters rights.


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