Do not cage the cats!

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The Missouri Department of Agriculture is demanding that we, at the Where Pigs Fly Farm & Pigs Aloft Museum put our +|- 100 cats Into enclosures. This includes friendly and feral cats.

We are strongly opposed to this ordinance, and will be forced to close the “Petting Zoo” portion of the Farm if we are required to “cage the cats”.. 

We have been through this with the USDA, fortunately, they agreed it was not a good rule to enforce due to the  circumstances of the Farm.

The Division of Animal Health has set up guidelines to be followed by “Sheltered Facilities”. These are great guidelines if you are strictly a shelter facility. We, however are a working farm.  Though all of our dogs and Cats are rescues, we are no longer taking in additional rescues, nor are we adopting out. I consider each of them a personal pet.

The rule of “Caging the Cats” presents two major issues. 

First, In many cases, having several cats in an enclosure leads to health issues for the Cats.

Second, These cats have a job. It’s called “pest control”. How will they do this when confined? Perhaps our government finds it more suitable to use poisons? Not on this farm. 

Many people visit our farm to interact with the animals and explore the museum. The free roaming cats are not an issue with our guests, most enjoy their company. These cats did nothing wrong. They don’t deserve “jail time.”