Missouri Attorney General: Let Jonathan Irons Be Free

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Jonathan Irons has been in prison for over 23 years for a crime he didn’t commit. All that stands between him and freedom is a big decision from the Missouri Attorney General. And that’s why I need your help today, to make sure the state of Missouri doesn’t stand in the way of an innocent man finally getting justice.

I’ve known Jonathan Irons for decades, and over the last year have made it my number one priority to draw attention to his case. Jonathan was sentenced in 1998 to 50 years in prison for a burglary and robbery, even though no DNA evidence, fingerprints, physical evidence, or footprint evidence collected ever linked Jonathan to the crime. Police even told an eyewitness to “guess” Jonathan’s identity when they questioned him back then! 

Thousands have spoken out about Jonathan’s case, and because of this renewed attention, Jonathan’s case was revisited in October 2019 in a Jefferson City court. I was in the courtroom then with over 100,000 signatures on a petition to free Jonathan. 

And just this month, we got amazing news: the judge ruled that Jonathan’s conviction should be overturned. 

In a 37-page ruling, the judge said that prosecutors had initially suppressed evidence that would have helped Jonathan’s case back in the 1990s, and called the case against Jonathan “very weak and circumstantial at best.” The news means that in a matter of days, Jonathan Irons could walk out of prison a free man. 

What a long and hard road it has been to see this conviction overturned but it has finally happened. But as excited as Jonathan and his supporters are to have the truth of his wrongful conviction finally proven, we still aren't home free. 

Jonathan’s full freedom is pending on the Missouri Attorney General's office and the St. Charles County Prosecutor's office to publicly state they will not refute this ruling. Will you please stand with me and demand that they stand by this ruling, so that Jonathan – who has spent 20+ years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit – can go free?

The Attorney General now has up to 15 days to decide whether he wants to appeal this judge’s ruling. If he does so, he could block Jonathan from being released from prison, and would have to stand by all of the questionable, weak, and circumstantial evidence used to originally convict Jonathan. 

I can’t let that happen to my friend, and I need your help one last time to make sure Jonathan walks out of prison by the end of this month, knowing that justice has been served. 

More than 10,000 people are wrongfully convicted of crimes each year, and right now we have a moment to overturn one of these cases. With your help, we can send a loud message that it’s time to free Jonathan Irons, end all wrongful convictions, and get justice for a man who has spent two decades of his life serving a sentence for a crime he did not commit.

Will you join me in using your voice to implore Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt to remove any obstacles that fight against the release of a person who has been wrongfully convicted for over 23 years?