Pass an ordinance banning exotic animal acts within the city limits of Missoula, Montana

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The public is growing increasingly concerned over the treatment of wild animals in circuses and other performing animal acts. These animals suffer from violent training techniques, and from being constantly chained in their cramped living quarters. They are underfed, their enclosures are not clean, and they do not receive adequate medical attention. Circuses and other animal act owners can't even begin to meet the complex physical or behavioral needs of wild animals. 

Elephants, big cats, primates, and other wild animals are exceptionally intelligent, sentient, and social beings  - they belong in their natural environment, not under tents doing headstands or jumping through hoops of fire!

Because animal abuse in circuses and other acts has been well-documented and publicized, families who would normally love to attend circuses and other events are staying away in droves. This means that organizations that use circuses as fundraisers are seeing a dramatic decline in revenue and, in most cases, are forced to give away tickets.  By becoming animal-free, circuses will not only stop the torture of wild animals but will become family-friendly places that make a profit.

By signing this petition, you are telling the Missoula City Council that performing animal acts have no place in our caring and compassionate community. You are also telling circus and exotic animal act promoters that you would like to attend their events but only if they are animal-free. 

Save the Animals. Save the Circus!


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