Stop the policing of women's bodily autonomy - Stop Amendment 26!

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Stop the policing of women's bodily autonomy - Stop Amendment 26!

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Emily Karram started this petition to Mississippi Attorney General’s Office

"The term 'person' or 'persons' shall include every human being from the moment of fertilization, cloning, or the functional equivalent thereof." This is what the amendment to amend the Mississippi constitution would say. This amendment, if passed, could have devastating consequences for the women of Mississippi - and even the entire United States, if other states begin to follow suit.

This amendment would legislate what women could choose to do with their bodies - essentially, it would steal their bodily autonomy from them and put the choice instead in the hands of the state. According to the Mississippi ACLU, this could threaten (or even criminalize) such things as birth control, treatment for miscarriages, treatments for infertility, and even life-saving abortions.

According to CNN, proponents of the amendment hope that, if passed, it could be used to challenge and even overturn Roe v. Wade, damaging the rights of women the nation over.

The reproductive and bodily rights of women should not be policed. Critical birth control medication should not be taken from any women - especially since birth control can have other important health effects and benefits aside from contraception. A miscarriage should not be equated to the murder of a child. Abortion should remain legal - and safe. This amendment is dangerous, radical thinking that prioritizes the rights of a fetus over the rights of born, living women everywhere.

The vote will happen on November 8th. Tell Mississippi - and the country - that women's bodies aren't theirs to police!

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Talk to reps who can change this!

Contact the Democratic Nominee for Mississippi Governor (who currently SUPPORTS 26!)

Contact the Mississippi Attorney General's Office and let them know how you feel!

Finally, contact Representatives and Senators in YOUR state!

Over 1000 signatures! In light of this achievement, I'm going to set our bar even higher - to 5000 signatures! You guys are incredible! Keep spreading the word!

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This petition had 2,846 supporters

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