Missing Autoimmune Disease Morbidity/Mortality Stats

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Missing Autoimmune Disease Morbidity/Mortality Stats

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People with Autoimmune Disease often fight epic health battles, with chemotherapy, heavy steroid use and other dangerous drugs for years. From healthy and strong to fighting for life, autoimmune diseases are misunderstood killers because these diseases are too often subordinated by the cause of death (heart attack, infection, cancer, etc.) as opposed to the cause of the cause (MS, Lupus, Wegner’s Granulomatosis, RA, plus over 100 more.)

1 in 5 people have an autoimmune disease. There are over 100 autoimmune diseases and disorders affecting every organ and system in the human body. Three out of four of those affected are female. It is one of the top ten causes of death to female children and women under 64 years old.

After diagnosis, premature death will often come from organ failure (heart attack, kidney, lung, liver failure, etc.) due to systemic disease activity or damage, or as a negative side effect from one of the many toxic drugs used to suppress disease activity. Most death certificates list the cause of death as whatever the final event was: heart attack, pneumonia, cancer, kidney failure and infection. Unacceptably absent is any mention of the autoimmune disease.

We are petitioning government and health agencies at all levels to add Autoimmune Disease as a classification and available choice under Cause of Death of deceased individuals whose last and fatal event was caused by the pre-existing autoimmune condition or medical treatment for the disease. This will allow us to collect accurate morbidity data so that we get a truer picture of what is going on and be able to direct research, fundraising, community building, awareness and support for both current and future patients.

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