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Justice for Tanner Ward

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Tanner Ward of Trenton Missouri went missing on June 7, 2017.  There was suspicious circumstances surrounding his disappearance. Missing and Endangered Northwest Missouri kept in constant contact with Tanner's family. Credible tips were submitted to the police department. None were taken seriously.  On December 4, 2017 Tanner's body was found.  Children on their way to school found his body. They have taken that route many times before and never saw a body. People have walked their dogs in that area and never found a body.  Police did not tape off the scene when his remains were found. They let others in to compromise the scene. 

People have been questioned. One suspect moved out of state has warrants in Missouri and he's with his family and Alabama as he is posting on Facebook.  We have at least three crime scenes and I don't believe only one of those scenes have been looked at.  There is also video tapes that have not been watched that could possibly lead to information.  There are people overheard talking that Tanner's body would never be found,  that he was dead.  There's also a building in Galt that possibly has evidence and was the last place that Tanner was noted to be.

I don't believe there's been a search in Princeton over by the rock query which is off of the road that was listed.
Dead bodies have a distinctive smell and since nobody smelled anything over by the old MFA that tells me that that body was not there.
There was also another suicide reported in Trenton last year in March that too looks suspicious of Foul Play.
Why wasn't there samples taken of the soil if that body was hanging there? There would be evidence for long periods of time.  Did they take a soil sample?
These are all questions that need to be asked.
It's also funny that the lady that was living in Galt moved to Trenton immediately after this whole thing happened.

There is also was one search done of a place and apparently the dogs kept going back to the fire pit and that was not checked out. No soil samples.
It's actually a place in Edinburgh.
This needs to be opened back up.

The Trenton MO Police Department failed this family and ruled his death a suicide after just 1 day. They failed Tanner.  No proper investigation was ever completed.

Tanner leaves behind a young daughter who will never know her dad. He has family and friends who love him dearly. They deserve answers. Tanner deserves justice! This case needs to be investigated by an outside agency. One that has no connection to the Trenton Police Department. One who will looks at ALL the facts and leads.

Missing and Endangered Northwest Missouri and surrounding areas is an organization who cares about its members and families. We seek answers and justice for families. We support them in any way we can.  Now please, step up and do what is needed. We NEED your signature to get this to move forward.

Please also call the Attorney General's office let him know that things were not handled correctly leave a message and ask to get somebody up here to re-look at the case. The phone number to the Attorney General's office is 573-751-3321 and his name is Josh Hawley.

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