Call for Remaining Miss America Board of Directors to Resign

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Mallory Hagan started this petition to Miss America Volunteers and

The current leadership of Miss America has defamed, maligned and ostracized women from the organization. This week, the Board of Directors refuses to step down and decided to pick new leadership on their own

Complicit leaders choosing new leaders hardly sits well.

Ask them to resign by signing my petition.

In 2013 I was crowned Miss America. I recently read—via these emails—this group of leaders use desparaging comments about my weight and insinuate that I have a sexually transmitted disease. There was also an organized effort to crush my personal business. In the wake of women's empowerment and the #MeToo movement, I won't stand for this type of behavior in our organization. 

As I'm sure you can imagine, this on-going issue has greatly influenced my life over the past four years. Personal and professional attacks have kept me from work, influenced my health and kept me from an organization that I hold dear to my heart. 

In a continued exhibition of poor judgment, the current board of the Miss America Organization—which decided not to take action when these appalling statements by Executive Chairman Sam Haskell were presented to them in September, and stood by Mr. Haskell while expressing “full confidence” in his leadership—has now voted in a new process that they alone control. The majority of remaining board members plan to stay on, and expect to nominate and elect replacements for those who have resigned.

Signing this tells them it's time to step away.

While asserting that they want input from a variety of stakeholders, they will be the final decision makers regarding who is added to their ranks. This is unacceptable and will only further damage the org.

The board needs to accept responsibility for the damage they have already caused, and step aside quickly to allow new leadership to save the Miss America program.”


This petition made change with 18,081 supporters!

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