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Minnesota State Legislature: Say No to the Minnesota Beer Tax

We strongly oppose the regressive ‘beer tax’ legislation passed by the Minnesota House of Representatives that proposes raising taxes on beer by more than 600%. Help stop the proposal that will raise beer prices across the entire state while hitting hard working middle class families and Minnesota's growing brewery industry.

There is less than one week left in the legislative session, and your signature is important in making it known that Minnesotans won’t stand for the beer tax.

Please join us by signing the petition and saying 'NO' to raising taxes on Minnesota's working families.

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Gov. Mark Dayton
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Speaker Paul Thissen
State Senator Rod Skoe
Sen. Kari Dziedzic
Sen. Lyle Koenen
Sen. Dave Senjem
Sen. Ann Rest
Rep. Kim Norton
Rep. John Benson
Rep. Tom Anzelc
Rep. Jim Davnie
Rep. Ann Lenczewski
Minnesota State Legislature
Minnesota State Senate
I am strongly opposed to the regressive beer tax proposal that was recently passed by the Minnesota House of Representatives. This proposed tax is bad deal for hard-working Minnesotans and our growing brewery industry. Raising taxes on beer by more than 600% hurts middle class Minnesotans- people who have already suffered the most during the recession.

Minnesota is home to many local breweries, and we should provide them with opportunity and incentive to grow and expand business in our state. Raising the beer tax could drive many of them out of business or out of the state, costing Minnesota good, local jobs.

Join me in saying NO to increasing Minnesota’s beer tax!

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